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Special Interest groups

WSMS is held together by our amazing Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which showcase all the diverse opportunities available in medicine!


All WSU medical students are automatically members of the SIGs so you don't need to worry about signing up, but keep an eye out for all the upcoming events!

The Western Sydney Surgical Society (WSSS) represents specialties of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, as well as Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology and Maxillofacial surgery. WSSS aims to provide medical students with practical skills workshops, seminars and specialty conferences.

Global Health Awareness Western Sydney (GHAWS) is the community and global branch of WSMS, a member of the AMSA Global Health (AGH) Committee, and a representative of the WSU medical student body through which students may engage in humanitarian and volunteer work. 

Western Sydney Critical Care Society (WSCCS) is the special interest group representing students passionate about anaesthetics, emergency and ICU medicine. We aim to give students opportunities to develop extremely valuable critical care skills and become more experienced in dealing with emergency situations!

Western Sydney Physicians Society (WSPS) is a special interest group that caters to medical students who are interested in pursuing a career as a physician. WSPS regularly holds events such as careers nights, workshops, masterclasses and panels to foster this interest and provides support to medical students who are considering a diverse range of specialities.

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